Cashew nut


In the sixteenth century, the cashew fruits and their juice were taken from Brazil by Europeans to treat fever, to refresh breath and to conserve the stomach. The cashew tree and its nuts and fruits had been used for centuries by the indigenous tribes. The Tikuna tribe in northwest Amazonia considered the fruit juice to be medicinal against influenza. It is reported that the green fruits can be used to treat hemophiliacs, that the fruit juice is effective in relieving warts, that the Tikuna tribe drinks the cashew apple juice to cure flu, and that the fruit juice to cure flu, and that the fruit juice contains three anti tumor compounds.


Recently, there have been scientific reports about the medicinal properties of the cashew apple juice as follows :

  1. The cashew nut is rich in Anacardic acid which helps stop the formation of breast cancer (BT-20 Breast Carcinomas).
  2. The cashew nut contains “cadol”, a substance which effectively blocks the growth of Hela Epithelioid Cervix Carcinoma Cells in the vagina. Moreover, it acts as an antiseptic and kills worms.
  3. The phenol compounds in the cashew nut can slow down the release of “tyrosinase” enzyme which is involved in the formation of the dark pigment melanin causing freckles and blemishes.
  4. The pulpy part of the cashew apple is used to produce the juice. In the form of juice, it can relieve scurvy due to its high level of vitamin C (up to 20,000 ppm or five times more than oranges), which is a substance capable of capturing free radicals.
  5. Since the cashew is rich in vitamin C and mineral salts, it is used as a coadjutor in the treatment of premature aging of the skin.

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