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The draw of getting to see a live tiger up close and person is easily understood. There is nothing more beautiful than the sight of these gorgeous big cats in the wild. While we may love our house cats, there is something about how exotic and different their much larger, wild counterparts are that entices us to want to see them for ourselves. But of course, going about seeing a tiger in the wild is more complicated than one might think. Firstly, tigers are highly endangered and only a few thousand exist in their native habitats. And secondly, tigers are incredibly dangerous. If you were to stop and consider the size and power of their teeth and claws you would certainly rethink approaching one in the wild. But at TIGER KINGDOM in phuket are hand raised by their trainers since young, bonding with it throughout the development process. The trainer employ a combination of repetition, trust and encouragement to train their big cats and over time the Big Cat are use to human and often see us as one of the family.

Smallest Tiger 1,300 THB 2-4 month
Small Tiger 900 THB 5-10 month
Medium Tiger 900 THB 11-15 month
Big Tiger 1,000 THB 16-36 month
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09:00 am - 16:00 pm

Every day


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- In Tiger Kingdom, they are well- trained and experience staffs will ensure your duty, but these big cats still wild animal that you need to treat with respect.
- Baby Tiger are playful and likely to play with you, sometime when playing it tend to be bit rough or bite, so do be careful when handle with them.